Thursday, 23 July 2015

The King Is Coming.

We've waited patiently as the years have all gone by,
Its been 2000 years since Jesus came to die.
His sacrifice for all our sins shows just how much he cares,
And now its time for his return will he catch you unawares.
He wants to see his bride the church just longing for the day,
When he returns from Heaven to earth to take his bride away.
So don't be fast asleep or you will miss him when he comes,
And you'll be left outside the gate never entering his kingdom.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Back On Track.

For a long time I have strayed from the path that I should tread,
Now at last my feet are firmly on the road.
I thought that I knew best what I should do each day,
Now I see the path of selfishness I strode.
I won't be overcome now the Lord is by my side,
With fearless determination I will go.
A life lived for yourself is a life just thrown away,
But a life lived just for Jesus I would know.

Dwell In Christ.

As you see the sinful things go on around you,
You must draw more closely to our Lords own heart.
For he doesn't want your heart to be polluted,
So to you rivers of grace He will impart.
Stay close to Him and you will not be parted,
From the one who came and gave His life for you.
His love will then help to direct your pathway,
And each second you will know just what to do.