Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christ Is Your Guide.

When you've taken Jesus as your Saviour
You should never fear what may lie ahead.
For he promised that he would never leave you,
And he'll give you strength to face the things you dread.
Just pray to God through Jesus when you're fearful,
And he will send the answer that you need.
His love for you is real and everlasting,
So keep his word in your heart and on it feed.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The King Is Coming.

We've waited patiently as the years have all gone by,
Its been 2000 years since Jesus came to die.
His sacrifice for all our sins shows just how much he cares,
And now its time for his return will he catch you unawares.
He wants to see his bride the church just longing for the day,
When he returns from Heaven to earth to take his bride away.
So don't be fast asleep or you will miss him when he comes,
And you'll be left outside the gate never entering his kingdom.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Back On Track.

For a long time I have strayed from the path that I should tread,
Now at last my feet are firmly on the road.
I thought that I knew best what I should do each day,
Now I see the path of selfishness I strode.
I won't be overcome now the Lord is by my side,
With fearless determination I will go.
A life lived for yourself is a life just thrown away,
But a life lived just for Jesus I would know.

Dwell In Christ.

As you see the sinful things go on around you,
You must draw more closely to our Lords own heart.
For he doesn't want your heart to be polluted,
So to you rivers of grace He will impart.
Stay close to Him and you will not be parted,
From the one who came and gave His life for you.
His love will then help to direct your pathway,
And each second you will know just what to do.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Calming The Storm

As Jesus lay there sleeping on a cushion in the boat,
A storm blew up and caught them by surprise.
So frantically they woke him up not knowing what to do,
Disappointed by their faith He calmed the storm.
Now you know on who you can depend when the storms of life are here,
And you've used up all your ingenuity.
As we turn in faith to the only one who can take away our fears,
And He will then bring peace to you and me.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Father Runs.

A son went to a far off land with his inheritance,
He left his Father to do what he wanted to do.
His selfish life only lasted until it all ran out,
Then he came to his senses, there was only one thing to do.
His Father had been looking out since the day he left,
Hoping that his son would soon come back.
Then one day in the distance at last he saw his son,
So he ran to meet him, forgave him, for his lost son came back.
Is this you? Return to God now, he is waiting with open arms.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fragrant Living

The deeds we do for others as we go through each day,
Smell like a fragrant flower to the Lord.
It fills his heart with gladness as we help people on our way,
It makes us each more Christ like everyday.
So continue in this practise as you go on through each year,
Remember it is pleasing to the Lord.
As you help the very needy who live their lives in fear,
Remember that the Lord himself is near.

Friday, 3 April 2015

The Tree Of Love.

The cross our saviour hung upon,
Was made out of a tree.
It was because of all our sins,
He died for you and me.
Our rebellion against our Father God,
Did not quench his love.
So he sent his only son Jesus Christ,
To show the extent of his love.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pain With A Purpose.

Jesus died upon the cross despising all the shame,
For it was for our freedom that he endured the pain.
His love for us unequalled, no-one could love us more,
It was for our salvation all the pain he bore.
Now shout with joy to Jesus for the victory He's won,
Because of His great sacrifice life can now be fun.
For we know where we are going as we get to journeys end,
So lets share the good news with everyone as Christ we recommend.