Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Love We Can Trust.

His love never fails us it is steadfast and true.
From us he will not turn away.
When people we know turn their backs on our love,
The Lord is there waiting for you.
His love it is perfect there's no end to its flow,
For he knows what we're like deep inside.
His love covers over the imperfections he knows,
Yet his arms are there still open wide.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

God Loves You.

Though you don't really think he does God loves you everyday,
And he wants you to get to know him in a very special way.
If you draw near in faith and prayer and daily read his word,
You will hear him speak to you in loving helpful words.
If you have unanswered questions that you've had for a long time,
You must leave them in Gods' hands and the answers you will find.
For he will help you through your life give you grace for each new day,
We must point people to Jesus Christ for he is the only way.