Sunday, 17 September 2017

Watch The Conductor.

We should look to Jesus each and every day,
As he is the conductor of our lives,
And as we follow Jesus we will know the way,
Then in faithfulness and obedience we'll strive.
He is the great conductor and he will show the way,
He wants us all to live our lives for him.
Then when our song is finished and its time for us to go,
At last our lives in heaven will begin.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The One Who Cares For You.

The Lord our God is watching you,
Because he really cares.
He wants the very best for you,
His love he wants to share.
Then once you know how much his love,
Flows down to you each day.
You'll want to tell the ones you meet,
So they can walk Gods way.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Stepping Into Strength.

Before you leave your house each day,
You must come before the Lord.
To ask him for your daily bread,
And to read His holy word.
Then as you go about your day,
You will have no need to fear.
For His Spirit who lives in your heart,
Will make all the answers clear.

Priceless Worship

God enjoys the worship that we give him,
But only from a heart that's pure and true.
So do not taint your worship with selfishness,
For then he won't accept it from you.
In return he showers us with blessings,
So much that we don't know what to do.
He is our loving Father and he loves us so,
We love to worship him through what we do.

Because I Love Him.

Jesus said he's coming back and for that day we yearn,
For at last we'll be with him forever.
For all the faithful work we've done because we love him so,
He will not miss the smallest of endeavours.
So show your love for Jesus through the things you say and do,
And not one thing by Him will be forgotten.
Then on the day that he returns rewarding all you've done,
You'll know that you will not be at the bottom.

The Lord Is Good.

The Lord is calling me back to him,
Because He loves me so.
The time is coming and very soon,
When it will be time to go.
He doesn't want any to lose their way,
But all to follow him.
So if you've grown tired and gone your own way,
It's time to come back to him.

Monday, 17 October 2016

From The Heart.

From deep within your heart is where repentance starts,
If you have strayed from Him into a life of sin.
You know you should turn back but motivation you lack,
Take time to think about the way that leads you out.
You know his love for you will always be so true,
He gave his very life as a fitting sacrifice.
And now He calls to you for he loves you through and through,
So return to Him today for you know He is the way.